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  • अध्ययन Smart Institute

    Inauguration Event

    Inaugurated by VC

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  • Our Class Room

    Adhyayan Smart Institute

    Well furnished class room with new concept.

    A journey from white board to smart board.

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  • Our Dance and Music Training Area

    Big area to provide good training to trainee.

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  • Team Of Dance Group

    Who won the best prize in dance competition

    Team Work.

    Good Team Player.

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  • Dance Training

    Well trained dance teacher

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  • Mathematics

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Latest Update: Wish you Happy New Year 2018

अध्ययन Smart Institute's Specialisation...

Where your dreams come true...

अध्ययन Smart Institute, Darbhanga

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

  • Learning by Smart Board .
  • Smart Computer Classes.
  • Dance Academy.
  • Music Academy.
  • Academic Classes.
  • Competitive Exam Preparations
  • Other co-curricular activities

Adhyayan's Toppers

Some of the below candidate who did excellent performance in exams. View more here »

The Strong Faculty Team Behind Our Organisation !

The teachers at ADHYAYAN SMART INSTITUTE are its real assets. They are specialists in their subjects. Being the torchbearers, they feel that success is not the exclusive domain of a chosen few. In fact, every student has the potential to succeed, and this has to be brought to the fore through the sustained hard work of the students with appropriate guidance. The magnificence of a pearl can only be appreciated when it has been prized out of the oyster and polished to perfection. View More Here »
  • C. B. Sinha Adhyayan Smart Institute
    Chandra B Sinha Founder & Director
  • Himanshu Sinha Adhyayan Smart Institute
    Himanshu Sinha Assistant Director
  • Gopal Kumar Pandey Adhyayan Smart Institute
    Gopal Kumar Pandey Physics Teacher
  • Aditya Choudhary Adhyayan Smart Institute
    Aditya Choudhary Senior Faculty
  • Balram Kumar Adhyayan Smart Institute
    Balram Kumar Faculty Junior Section
  • Chandana Adhyayan Smart Institute
    Chandana Classical Dance Teacher

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